Win Me A Couch

So, me and my baby was walking through Manhattan? And some girl with a clipboard comes up to us? And she wants to know if we’ll tell our love story on camera (I’m tired of the question marks already, but I’m gonna keep talking like a hillbilly). I sez that’s none of her beeswax, but she’s says there’s a $1500 gift certificate to Mitchell Gold in it for us if we talk pretty enough. Well, I don’t know if you’ve seen what my varmints have done to my sofa, but if you have, I knows you know I could use a little sprucing up in the decor department.

Anyways, it turns out talkin’ all pretty-like wasn’t enough; we’ve gotta get people to watch our little video and then vote for it in order to win. We’re in ninth place overall, but second in our particular category which is ‘Dating’ in case you saw that it’s on and were wondering. So all we’re asking is you go to the link below, watch our short and, if I do say so myself, adorable video and then vote for us. Then go to every other computer you can find and vote for us there too. Then get everyone you know to vote for us. Here’s the link; do it:

Update. Well, it seems some things do eventually disappear world wide. That’s why you gotta grab ’em before they’re taken down. So here is a link to what we said way back when.

Damn, anybody see what happened to my accent?