It’s Alive!!! It’s A-liivve!!!

Edited Together Like Frankenstein

Another beast pieced together from parts of other lives now walks this frozen Earth. Or at least, you know, wanders this worldwide web. Let us hope that, unlike the good doctor’s creation, this monster will not be chased through the countryside by torch-wielding townsfolk.

Welcome to the first installment of the Martin Nelson Editing Blog, companion piece to the Martin Nelson Editing website. Our intention here is to keep you up to date on the happenings at MNE, but the likelihood is we’ll be too busy making those happenings, uh, happen to tend too often to this page.

Here are a few things though. Read one now and another in a couple of days so they’ll last.

Currently, Desert Bayou, the NAACP Image Award nominated documentary, I (the ‘we’ thing gets tired fast, doesn’t it?) cut with Mike Russell is airing around the country on PBS stations as part of the second season of “Afropop: the ultimate cultural exchange.” Look for it on a station near you.

I’ve just started my fourth semester teaching editing at Columbia College. I think I’m getting the hang of it.

And “Good People,” the half-hour short I co-produced, cut, color corrected and mixed has nearly finished its festival run. It played to really strong responses at the Santa Fe Film Festival, Indie Fest USA, the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival and the 45th Annual Chicago International Film Festival. Chicago was the first time it was seen projected on a big screen in all its high definition glory. It looked fantastic. We’re entered in one more festival; I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile watch the bar scene on my website.

Right now I’m working on something very hush-hush and, if I tell you about it, all our lives could be in jeopardy. Keep an eye on this page and when it’s safe, you’ll be the first to know.