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How To Load A Secure Online Screener Onto Withoutabox

I spend a sizable amount of time trying to figure out the best way of doing one relatively obscure task or another. Often there is nowhere on the vast www a clear explanation of precisely whatever it is I want to do, at least not exactly as I need/want to do it. Odd, I know, but I could make quite a list. Typically, I may have to only do these tasks once every several months or even longer. Just often enough to forget by the next time.

So I thought what I would do for a while on this largely untouched blog I’ve got here is post some how-to’s I’ve had to piece together from different sources and trial and error. This way, when next I need to do whatever pain-in-the-butt bit of business I’ve forgotten how to do, a quick google will bring me back to, well, me. Isn’t that nice? I’m going to assume an audience and provide more explanation than if just writing notes to myself.

I suppose that should have been ‘presume.’

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