Blink And You’ll Miss Me

Of course, if you were inclined to miss me you wouldn’t be hanging out anywhere near my blog. I’m never here.

Video Editor Martin Nelson in Between Western and California

But I did make it into a movie recently. Yup, right up there on the biggish screen. To make this happen I had to edit the film myself and then convince the director he needed to add a scene and I just happened to be available. The brilliant thing is I didn’t have to go farther than my front door or get out of my bathrobe. That’s me in the knit cap and shades.

This was a whole new venture for me —cutting a full-length fiction film, not the acting; I’m always performing. Good People, the short from a few years back gave me a taste for working in the wonderful world of pretend, but there’s really nothing like putting together eighty-five minutes to show you what you don’t know.

I hope you get a chance to catch Between Western and California. As soon as I know where it’s playing. I’ll be posting here, on Twitter, sending out emails and probably hiring a clown and one of those planes trailing a sign.

Hopefully you won’t be able to see what I don’t know.