Behind The Scenes

Man these are fun. I’ve cut behind-the-scenes shows for Paul Verhoeven and Lee Tamaahori in Los Angeles, Barry Levinson in Baltimore and for the Discovery Channel in Washington, DC.

As a behind-the-scenes editor, I get to cut the movie behind the movie. Every angle on every scene gets shot multiple times so the behind-the-scenes crew gets to shoot it from different angles. This leaves me the opportunity to put together the scene much like the feature editor only with the reality of the crew in the shots. A good example of this is in Busey Gets His Arm Broken from one of the many Starship Trooper pieces I cut.

Or I may find myself needing to cull the behind-the-scenes material from the original project’s raw footage. The Discovery documentary, Flight Over the Equator was shot all over the world. But the BTS crew only went to Ecuador. My job was to take the audience with the crew to all those countries by searching out those moments when the crew got in front of the documentary cameras.

Fun, fun, fun.